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Confidentiality Policy

I. General
Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. For example, clean air supplied by our filters. That is why our mission is to ensure a healthy living environment for everyone. Furthermore, we believe that it is just as important to contribute to your online security, and as a result, we strive to comply scrupulously with the legal and regulatory framework in terms of confidentiality.
Afpro Filters protects your personal data and ensures that the personal information which is provided to us or which we otherwise obtain is processed confidentiality. By personal data, we mean any information pertaining to a natural person. Even the data that indirectly tells us something about a person is personal data. The Confidentiality Policy implements the obligation, as stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to inform persons whose personal data is processed by Afpro Filters.

II. Processing and Communication Manager
We make sure that the personal data you communicate to us when you order a product from Afpro Filters as well as the data we collect about you (for example, the number of times you visit our website) is safe with us. The present Confidentiality Policy describes what we do in Afpro Filters with the information we know about you.
If you have questions about the present policy or if you want to know exactly what data we keep about you, please contact Afpro Filters.

III. Processing Objectives and Personal Data Type
Afpro Filters processes personal data in order to be able to deliver products, offer services, improve our products and services, and communicate with you personally as a data subject. You can communicate information about yourself to us via our website or otherwise, for example if you register with us, ask for a quote or place an order for our air filters, or if you subscribe to a newsletter or a distribution list.
For the needs of its service provision, Afpro Filters processes the following (types or categories of) personal data, as well as the data communicated by the person in question at their own initiative:
  • Name (customer or contact person)
  • Delivery address
  • Telephone number
  • Billing address
  • Email address
  • Bank account details
  • IP address
This is your personal data, and we can legally use it only if we explain to you precisely the reasons why we use it. The present Confidentiality Policy presents these reasons.
Afpro Filters never communicates your personal data to other companies or agencies, except when this is necessary for the execution of the contract (of sale) or when this is legally mandatory or authorised.
Afpro Filters processes the personal data mentioned above only for the following purposes.

1. Processing of your Purchase Order
When you order products from us, we use the personal data which you provide to us in order to process the order. We communicate your name, address, postal code and, if you have provided it to us, your telephone number to the carrier/delivery service, and your bank sends us information about your payment. We keep this information as long as necessary in order to complete the order and until the end of the warranty period. We keep some information for longer periods, when the law requires us to do so.

2. Sending Information
Afpro Filters wants to keep you up-to-date about the new developments in air filtration, our product range and our company. This is why we occasionally send emails to our customers. We do this by email. At any time, you can opt out of these emails. All mass emails that we send contain an Unsubscribe hyperlink.

3. Contact Form and Newsletter
You can ask us questions or make requests using the contact form on our website. When you fill in this questionnaire, we ask for your name and email address, in order to respond to you with the appropriate header. We keep this information until we are sure that you are satisfied with our response, plus an additional period of six months. If you ask further questions during this six-month period, we can easily find your information, with the aim of improving our customer service quality and staff training. By subscribing to our newsletter, you can read news, tips and information about our products. You can cancel this subscription at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter. Your email address is only added to the subscribers’ list subject to your authorisation.
IV. Personal Data Processing Base
Afpro Filters processes the personal data described above for the following reasons, as stipulated in Article 6 of the GDPR:
  • Legal obligation
  • Execution of a contract
  • Authorisation given by the data subject(s)
  • Legitimate interest
V. Communication of Personal Data to Other Companies or Institutions
Afpro Filters communicates your personal data to third parties only when necessary for the provision of the service(s), in compliance with the aforementioned objectives. We do not communicate your personal data to other companies or agencies under any pretext, except when this is necessary for the execution of the contract (of sale) or when we are legally required to do so. This may involve recourse to a third party on behalf of and on the instructions of Afpro Filters, for example an IT provider or a carrier/delivery service.
Furthermore, Afpro Filters may communicate personal data to a third party, such as a public regulator or other depository agency, if it has the legal obligation to do so.
An outsourcing agreement is signed with the third party that processes your personal data on behalf of and on the instructions of Afpro Filters, in virtue of which this third party is also required to comply with the GDPR. Third parties offering services as processing managers and which Afpro Filters engages shall themselves take responsibility for compliance with the GDPR as concerns the (complementary) processing of your personal data.
Some partners may be based outside the European Union.

VI. Use of Social Media
Several social media icons are displayed on our website, such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The administrators of these services use them to collect your personal data. Afpro Filters does not exercise any control over the processing of your personal data by and via these third parties and does not accept any responsibility for such processing. The use of these networks is therefore done at your own risk. It is recommended to read the confidentiality policies of these third parties before you use their services.
VII. Cookies
Our website uses cookies. These are small files in which we store information, so that you do not have to enter it every time you are on the website. They also enable us to see that you are visiting our new website.
When you visit our website for the first time, we display a message explaining our use of cookies. If you continue to use the site after this explanation, we assume that you are not opposed to the use of cookies.
You can set your browser to disable the installation of cookies. The effect of this action is that some parts of our website will no longer function optimally.
We have agreements about the use of cookies with other companies that install cookies, but we do not exercise full control over the use that the other companies make of these cookies. Therefore, you should also read their confidentiality policies.
You can learn more about cookies, and the way you can block or delete them, on the website of Consuwijzer (Consumer and Market Protection Authority) (
VIII. Google Analytics
Afpro Filters uses Google Analytics to monitor the way in which visitors use our website. Afpro Filters analyses website usage data for statistical purposes. The personal data collected in this way is, in principle, anonymous, and Afpro Filters does not sell this data to third parties.
The outsourcing agreement we have signed with Google contains strict provisions on what they can and cannot collect. We authorise Google to use the information obtained via Analytics in other Google services. We do not have Google make the IP addresses anonymous.
The Afpro Filters uses Google Analytics cookies in order to monitor user behaviours and general trends and to generate reports. This helps us improve the operation of our websites. Google may forward this information to third parties if Google is legally required to do so or if third parties process information on Google’s behalf. By using the Afpro Filters website, you authorise Google to process information in the manner and for the purposes described above. The use of buttons and/or links also leads to the installation of cookies as described above in the “Cookies” section. Afpro Filters does not exercise any control over the installation and use of cookies by these third parties.

IX. Personal Data Protection
Afpro Filters attaches great importance to the security and protection of your personal data and in light of technical advancements, it undertakes appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a risk-appropriate security level. If Afpro Filters uses third-party services, such as an IT provider, Afpro Filters signs an outsourcing agreement, including clauses about appropriate security measures for personal data protection.

X. Access to and Modification of Your Data
If you have questions or would like to know what personal data we have about you, you can always contact us. Our contact details are specified above.
You have the following rights:
  • Explanation of the type of personal data that we possess and about what we do with this data
  • Access to specific personal data that we possess
  • Rectification of errors
  • Deletion of (obsolete) personal data
  • Retraction of your authorisation
  • Opposition to a specific use
Please always clearly specify who you are, so that we can ensure that we are not modifying or deleting someone else’s data.
You can send your requests for access, limitation, opposition, portability or deletion of your personal data, or a request for retraction of a previously given authorisation, by using our contact details below. You will receive a reply from us within four weeks following receipt of your request.
It is possible that, under certain circumstances, Afpro Filters may not be able to access, or fully access, your request as a data subject. This may be due to the legal conservation periods.

XI. Conservation of Your Data 
We neither conserve nor use your data for longer than necessary for the purposes of data processing cited above and for compliance with legal and regulatory frameworks. Once these periods have elapsed, we delete all data we have about you.
We delete inactive customer accounts after seven years. Once this period has elapsed, we use your data only in an anonymous manner, for the compilation of internal reports. The inland revenue department requires us to conserve our administrative files with your order, payment and billing data in compliance with this legal conservation period. Once this period has elapsed, we exclusively use anonymous data for the purposes of our internal reports.
If you have subscribed to the newsletter, we conserve this authorisation until the time when you retract it. Similarly, if you decide at a certain time that you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, we conserve the retraction of your authorisation for a period of five years. The emails that we send you are not kept for more than 60 days. You do not have to be worried about receiving the same email from us several times. After this period, we use your data only in anonymous form, for the needs of our internal reports. The data that we use to combat fraud is kept for a longer period of time. Not fun, but necessary nonetheless.

XII. Modification of the Present Confidentiality Policy
We are sometimes required, when we modify our website, to update our Confidentiality Policy as well. Afpro Filters has the right at any time to modify the content of the present Confidentiality Policy without prior notice. As a result, always check the date specified at the bottom of the Confidentiality Policy, and regularly check whether new versions have been published. We will do our best to announce the relevant changes separately as well.
XIII. Claims
If you believe that we are not processing your personal data appropriately, we hope to hear from you about this subject.
XIV. Contact Details
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